7 Awesome Makeup Tips for Thin Lips ...

If you have really thin lips, you want them to stand out just as much as full lips – that's why I've got all of the best makeup tips for thin lips!

Thin lips are never bad, girls, but giving them some oomph is a little difficult if you don't have the right makeup tips for thin lips!

Luckily, I've looked up every thin lip makeup tip out there and I've compiled a list, so your thin lips will look beautiful and full – no matter what!

1. Lip Primer

Girls, I think that one of the biggest makeup tips for thin lips that a lot of girls forget about is lip primer.

Just a little dab and rub in can honestly make sure that your lipstick, lip stain and even your lip gloss stays flawless all night!

For me, I use Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion.

It's a balm of all balms – and keeps my lips looking amazing!