7 Bad Beauty Habits to Break This Year ...

Bad beauty habits can seriously damage your natural beauty, and with all the effort we put into looking good, thatโ€™s definitely something we donโ€™t want!

Everyone knows the obvious rules, like taking off your makeup off before you go to sleep, but here are 7 bad beauty habits you might not be so aware of โ€“ but should definitely break this year!

1. Stress Less

Stress isnโ€™t good for you.

Itโ€™s rarely productive, and doesnโ€™t just cause wrinkles โ€“ chronic stress can be responsible for puffy eyes, acne and hair loss, among others.

Take five minutes out to meditate, bake or find a funny Facebook picture, and youโ€™ll look and feel much better.

This is one beauty habit that's easy to establish!

Keep Your Hair Natural