8 Cheaper Drugstore Makeup Alternatives ...


When it comes to makeup, something being more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's always better than cheaper drugstore makeup alternatives! If you switched to each of these drugstore alternatives I'm about to list instead of their name brand counterparts, you would save over $100! So save some cash and still look gorgeous by buying these 8 cheaper drugstore makeup alternatives instead of your normal name brand cosmetics.

1. Urban Decay Vs. Elf Eye Primer

This is the cheapest item on this list of drugstore makeup alternatives! Urban Decayโ€™s Primer Potion for your eyes retails for $20, whereas ELF's primer is only $1! You may think that a price difference that steep has its reasons but in reality, ELF's primer is good enough for pretty much all of your needs. ELFโ€™s primer is not quite as thick as Urban Decay's and it is just slightly less effective at preventing creasing, but the difference is so marginal that it's basically nonexistent. So, for the $19 price difference, thereโ€™s really not much of a reason to splurge on the name brand option.

Urban Decay Naked Vs Elf Eye Shadow
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