8 Clever Makeup Tips for College Girls ...


Being in college can be a super fun time – but what makeup tips for college girls are out there to really cut your time in the bathroom yet still make you look beautiful?

I've got 'em, girls!

I've got everything from contouring all the way down to choosing a tinted lip gloss over lipstick.

If you're in college, these makeup tips for college girls can save you a ton of time and really make sure you get to class on schedule!

1. Exfoliate Skin

Although there are tons of makeup tips for college girls that start out with colors and lipstick versus lip gloss, you've got to start with the your skin.

It is the blank canvas that can make your makeup look beautiful or bad.

So exfoliate girls, that's the very first tip for college girls that I have!

2. Use a Good Moisturizer

After you exfoliate, the next step is finding a really good moisturizer.

I actually love Olay moisturizers or Clean and Clear, but that's just me.2

What are some of the best moisturizers that you've found, girls?

Also, make sure that the moisturizer matches your skin type, whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin.

3. Mineral Foundation

I've found that mineral foundation is probably the best foundation for any college girls, as it is super easy to put on as well as a huge time saver!

For me, mineral foundation works fantastic to cover up any blemishes or imperfections that I have – and it takes way less time to put on than liquid!

4. Creamy Colored Eye Shadow

The best thing about college is the fact that you can switch it up a little bit and find out what really works for you.

Creamy eyeshadow is the one thing that worked for me – and the color cream always seemed to be a safe bet.

The reason I opted for cream all of the time was the fact that it was easy to put on and the color cream is neutral and works great no matter what you are wearing!

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