21 Daring Eye Makeup Looks to Try in 2015 ...


Another year means another change in styles!2

You can redecorate your house, revamp your wardrobe, and redye your hair, so why not switch up your eye makeup?

Although, I wouldn't recommend wearing most of these to the office, they're fun to try for a girls' night out, or a girls' night in!

Check out these daring eye makeup looks and see if you'd be willing to try any of them!

1. Upside down Cat Eye

Upside down Cat Eye


We all love and adore a classic cat eye, but who's to say you shouldn't try this upside down cat eye?

To me, this daring eye makeup style is exotic and beautiful!

2. Chrome Yellow

Chrome Yellow


For women who can pull it off, a bold, bright liner might be the way to go!

You can even match your lips for an overall high fashion, captivating look!

3. Bow


Via Bow Eyeliner

You'll need to have an incredibly steady hand to make this style possible!

If you canmake it happen though, it will look incredible!

4. Emerald City

Emerald City

Via New Work

Emerald is one of my favorite colors, but I never thought to use it as an eye shadow!

I think this look is especially gorgeous on red heads, but anyone who thinks they can pull it off should give it a go!

5. Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes

Via Project Wedding Photos - Project ...

This is another one that, like the bow, not everyone can achieve.

However, if you can recreate this look, all eyes will be on yours wherever you go!

6. Rainbow Eyeliner

Rainbow Eyeliner

Via Cool Makeup: Eye, Lip, and ...

This whimsical, fun style is certainly daring and adventurous!

This look is sure to make your eyes pop, without looking too crazy!

7. Mod


Via World of makeup.

I'm a big fan of mod makeup, so perhaps I'm a little bit biased.

But you can't deny that this artful eye makeup is both daring and gorgeous!

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