9 Fabulous Style and Beauty Gurus on YouTube ...


YouTube is one of our greatest resources for a plethora of entertainment and project videos but did you know there are also awesome style and beauty gurus from YouTube?

There are so many excellent videos on makeup and hair tutorials, DIY beauty and craft projects and more!2

There are tons of gurus on YouTube but I’ve made a list of nine of the top style and beauty gurus for you to check out!

1. Michelle Phan

You can’t talk about style and beauty gurus from YouTube without mentioning Michelle Phan!

Michelle started making YouTube videos in 2006 and has since created tons of fun and fabulous makeup tutorials ranging from gothic doll looks for costume parties to everyday makeup looks for girls who wear glasses.

Michelle recently started a new channel called FAWN Inc.

which features videos on all things related to beauty and style, check them out!

2. DulceCandy87

Dulce Tejeda is another one of the hottest style and beauty gurus from YouTube!2

Dulce is a veteran, a mommy and wife and a totally girly girl.

Leave it to her channel to provide you with tons of information on hair care, makeup, styling clothes and her infamous shopping hauls!

This girl can shop and she even has a video tour of her office and closet which are TDF!!2

Check out this pint-sized cutie for your regular dose of fashion, fun and glam!

3. MakeupD0LL

MakeupD0LL’s videos have over 13 million views and she’s one of YouTube’s top gurus for product reviews, outfits of the day and colorful and fun makeup looks!

She’s not afraid to incorporate bright colors into her makeup tutorials and is just as fearless with fashion.

Tune into her channel to see lots of reviews on popular cosmetics and her monthly favorites and pick up some helpful beauty tips!

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