8 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Pastel Makeup ...


There are many ways to wear pastel makeup that are not only trendy, but that are also beautiful.

Pastel colors are not always easy to pull off are they?

There are tons of different ways to wear pastel makeup though and also incorporate pastels into your everyday wear!

If you're having some trouble finding the right ways to wear pastel makeup, take a look below ladies, I've got all of the tips and tricks below!

1. Baby Pink Eyeshadow

Baby Pink Eyeshadow

Who doesn't love pink eyeshadow?

Why not take it one step further and go with baby pink eyeshadow?

This is one of the best ways to wear pastel makeup that really will make you stand out and that can actually bring out your eyes in just the right way!

2. Lavender Lipstick

Lavender Lipstick

Feeling a little bold and even a little daring?

Lavender lipstick is one of the ways to wear pastel makeup that really is incredible!

It's different, it's unique and it will actually get you noticed.

So ditch the red for now and go with something a little less bold and a little more dramatic and pastel!2

3. Yellow Eyeshadow

Yellow Eyeshadow

Yellow is a color that a lot of people have problems pulling off, but guess what ladies, there are tons of ways to wear pastel makeup when yellow is involved!

A little yellow eyeshadow can go a long way and whether it is soft and flirty and bold and brilliant, go for it!

4. Coral Blush

Coral Blush

Blush, if you've read my other posts is one of the most under utilized makeup products in the world and I gotta say, coral blush is another way to wear pastel makeup without making it overpower you!

Just a little brush of some coral blush right along the apples of your cheeks and you'll see a huge difference in how warm your features are!

Robin's Egg Blue Sheer Eyeshadow
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