9 Tips for Photography Friendly Makeup for Amazing Pictures...


Photography friendly makeup application techniques are good to know, especially around this time of year.

With summer comes weddings, reunions, showers, and other occasions where people snap photos that can haunt you forever if your makeup looks bad!

Here are my top photography friendly makeup tips to keep you looking fresh and beautiful in every picture that your friends snap and post on Facebook this summer!

1. Start with a Blank Canvas

Start with a Blank Canvas

For photography friendly makeup, it’s important to start with a fresh, clean face.

No layering over already present makeup!2

Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your face.

Follow with a primer to make sure your foundation doesn’t slide off throughout the day!

2. No SPF


Products with SPF in them are an ultimate no-no when it comes to photos.

Avoid foundations with SPF in them because they can make you looked washed out.

Instead, choose a foundation that is HD or claims to be great for photos.

Moisturizers with SPF should be avoided as well on the days when you will have photos taken.

3. Apply Powder

Apply Powder

One thing you don’t want in your photos is a shiny face!2

There are two ways you can prevent an oily complexion in photos.

First, apply a loose, matte powder over your makeup to set it and combat shine.

Second, carry oil-absorbing papers with you to soak up any excess oil throughout the day.

Finally, avoid using a pressed powder, as pressed powders can give you that β€œwashed-out” look.

4. Use White Eye Liner

Use White Eye Liner

Here’s an easy way to keep your eyes from looking tired and red.

Line your inner rims with a white eyeliner pencil!

This little technique makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter, and can also enlarge your eyes and make them β€œpop.” You can still use a dark liner on your lower lash line and the top of your lids if you desire.

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