8 Tips on How to Apply Concealer as a Pro ...


Learning how to apply concealer just like a real makeup artist is a little tricky.

Concealer isn't like foundation, you don't need to use it all over your face, but it is important to cover all of the spots that you don't want showing.

So ladies, I've got the scoop on how to apply concealer just like your makeup artist!

Wanna learn?

Check out my top 8 tips on how to apply concealer below!

1. The Brand

You might not think that the brand actually matters, but the higher the quality, the better the coverage.

For me, it's Maybelline all the way.

It's still an affordable brand, but I find that they have some of the best concealer out there.

So, when you're choosing the right concealer to learn how to apply concealer, make sure you take a look at the brand!

2. The Shade

After you find the right brand, the next thing that you want to keep in mind is the shade.

You definitely want to find a concealer that is going to match your complexion.

After all, you don't want to have a bunch of spots on your fair skin that is made for someone a few shades darker right?

3. Where to Use It

Concealer is probably one of the most confusing makeup products out there right?

A lot of people have absolutely no idea how to apply concealer correctly and where to put it.

Well ladies, it's for those spots that just aren't easily covered.

Have a zit on your chin?

Use some concealer to cover it!

Typically, under the eyes is the best place though, especially to keep that eye makeup in check.

4. Apply Several Drops

When you're dealing with concealer, you don't need a few pumps, just a few drops.

You also want to do droplets on your skin, wherever you are going to use your concealer, that way, when you are blending, you'll be able to connect the dots!

Use Your Fingers
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