Top 17 Easy Eyeliner Tricks You Should Know ...


There are tons of different eyeliner tricks and methods out there right?

Well ladies, I have a really hard time of keeping track of them!

If you're looking for eyeliner tricks to try out this summer, I've got them all compiled below!

We're going to talk about all of the different eyeliner tricks out there, from cat eyes to smudged liner!

1. Cat Eye

Cat Eye

The cat eye eyeliner trick is of course one of the most common tricks out there, but it's also cute and unique too.

You can spice it up by adding a sharper curve or even doing some color around it.

Personally, the cat eye is one of my favorite eyeliner tricks in the book and one that I use all of the time!

2. Go with Colors

Go with Colors

Eyeliner doesn't always have to be black or brown, in fact, you could even get a little crazy and go with purple, blue or pink!

One eyeliner trick that I love to do is pair my eyeshadow with my colored eyeliner and my colored mascara to really make my eyes stand out and be different!

Try it ladies!

3. Drop Eye

Drop Eye

You might not know exactly what a 'dropped eyeliner trick' is, but it's actually when you apply liner to half of your bottom lid.2

It's almost as if you are dropping the line off after halfway lining it.

It's pretty, super stylish and looks great ladies!

4. Thick Lines

Thick Lines

Another eyeliner trick that I love to do is thick, thick lines.

Whether you are doing a cat eye or winged eyeliner, thick lines are very in right now!

Plus, they can really make your lashes look that much thicker and fuller!

5. Egyptian Eyeliner

Egyptian Eyeliner

We all know that Lady Gaga is known for her wild and crazy makeup and this eyeliner trick she pulled in the Judas video was beautiful!

It was unique, different and totally one of the freshest eyeliner tricks that I've ever seen!

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