20 Ways to Go 'Barely There' with Your Makeup ...


One of the newest fads in makeup is 'barely there' makeup!2

I have a really hard time going with 'barely there' makeup, because I love my eyeliner, my foundation and my mascara, but when I tried these tips?

I couldn't believe how easy it was to go with a natural makeup look!

Not only will it take way less time to do your makeup in the morning, but I can promise, that these 'barely there' tips will help keep your skin fresh and you will look beautiful!

So, you ready to dive in?

1. Prep Your Skin

When you are going with a 'barely there' makeup look, the first step is prepping your skin!

Trust me ladies, your skin is going to be your canvas and it's gotta look good!

So exfoliate, use some great cleanser and make sure that it glows.

I actually use a face mask at least once a week, just to pull all of the toxins out of there!

2. Prime Your Eyes

Next up is priming your eyes.

A 'barely there' makeup look is not complete without at least a little bit of eye makeup.2

Even if it is just mascara, you want your eyes to have something to cling to and for your eye makeup to really stick.

Just a dab of primer under your eyes, along the brow line and your lids, and you should be set!

3. Skip the Foundation

Whenever possible, when you are going with the 'barely there' look, you've got to skip the foundation!

After all, that is typically what weighs you down and takes the most time, right?

So skip it and just go fresh-faced.

Below, I've got some additional tips to follow if you can't skip the foundation, but still want to have barely any makeup on.

Conceal Imperfections
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