9 Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Appear Longer ...


Longer eyelashes are the way to go this season, girls, and finding the right ways to make eyelashes look longer isn't ever easy! If you've tried every single thing to lengthen your eyelashes and are looking for the tips to help you get fuller eyelashes, I've got them for you! I've compiled everything from 'minking' all the way to knowing exactly what mascara brush you need to get longer eyelashes.

1. Add Powder to Your Lashes before Mascara

By far, one of the greatest ways to make eyelashes look longer and be more plush is by adding a bit of powder to the lashes, before you've applied your mascara. What this does is actually make your lashes super lush, totally plush and thick. It also makes the mascara stay on a little bit longer without clumping!

Add a Different Color to the Tips
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