7 Dangerous Chemicals Found in Your Makeup Bag ...

We eat chemicals and breathe chemicals but did you know that we also willingly apply them to our faces? They can be found in our mascaras, eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks! Don’t shake your heads ladies because buying expensive, branded products doesn’t get you off the hook either. These chemicals are commonly used in the cosmetic industry and the only way to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth is to know more about them. So, here are 7 chemicals the list of ingredients shouldn’t contain:

1. Parabens

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Check your eye shadows first, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that contains this toxic, potentially cancerogenous chemical. Parabens are a very common ingredient of cosmetics today as they help extend the product’s shelf-life. Unfortunately, they don’t do our face or bodies any good! You see, Parabens can cause allergies, rashes and are even suspected of causing breast cancer!

2. Dimethicone

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Dimethicone is a silicone polymer often used in a wide variety of beauty products. It is FDA approved which, of course, doesn’t make it totally safe. Except being a major environment pollutant, this silicon oil can even mess with your ability to have kids! Yup, you heard well – in case you’re using a prescription product high in Dimethicone, you should consult your doctor on whether or not you should continue using it while being pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

3. Synthetic Fragrances

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Well, I’m sure you’ll remember this post next time you’re about to apply some of that great-smelling lip gloss or spray your favorite perfume. You know why? Because these fragrances are one of those toxic matters you should stay away from. Did you know that even high-end brands use these so called “secret chemicals”? But, wait, why “secret”? Well, simply because they ARE NOT LISTED ON THE LABEL! Yes, ladies, an average perfume contains at least 14 of these toxic chemicals that have a nasty habit of accumulating in our body tissues.

4. Petrolatum

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Or petroleum jelly or oil (as it is often listed on the label) can seriously clog your pores. Now, I don’t need to tell you how bad can that get, I mean you know clogged pores aren’t exactly the first step or having beautiful or healthy skin. Why do companies use this ingredient? Because it cheap! You see, we bring them profit and they use cheap materials! Outrageous!

5. Dibutyl Phthalate

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This harmful toxin, also known as DBP was commonly used in nail polishes to prevent chapping. I’m saying WAS because most companies have removed it from their list of ingredients due to the fact that it doesn’t only have a negative effect on our reproductive systems but causes birth defects and cancer too. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and its activists are especially proud for forcing L’Oreal to stop using this toxin… I’m not sure why… L’Oreal nail polishes sucked and I bet they suck even more now!

6. Color Pigments

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Umm, does it mean we should give up MAC? GRRRR, I knew I shouldn’t have thrown the box! Anyways, back to the pigments and bad news. You see, these synthetic colors can contain heavy metals and almost all of them are tested positive for the ability to cause cancer. Tough luck! Plus, they aren’t exactly skin-friendly either which means they can irritate not only sensitive but totally normal skin too.

7. Imidazolidinyl Urea

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Or simply look for Germall 115 – it’s just a fancier name companies like to use these days. Now, this ingredient isn’t so harmful on its own but it has one very nasty dangerous property – it releases Formaldehyde if exposed to temperature higher than 10°C! Now, this last is something you should be scared of as it causes cancer as well as other side effects such as allergies, fatigue, dermatitis etc. Gee!

Did this make you scared, girls? Well, then I suggest you check out cosmeticsdatabase.com where you’ll find all popular brand name cosmetic products and discover which ones are labeled 10 (extremely toxic) and which ones are safe to use.

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