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7 Excellent Eyebrow Grooming Products ...

By Sophia

Eyebrows provide definition to the face. In most cases, changing the shape of your eyebrows can drastically change your appearance. Well groomed eyebrows are a great asset to have. While the tips and tricks to well groomed brows seem endless, below are just a few products to help you on your way to the perfect set of eyebrows.

Table of contents:

  1. Tweezerman browmousse
  2. Jane iredale “bitty” brow kit
  3. M.a.c brow set
  4. Too faced brow envy brow shaping and defining kit
  5. Clinique brow shaper
  6. Benefit cosmetics high brow
  7. Tweezerman slant tweezers

1 Tweezerman Browmousse

Price: $17.93 at
This lightweight brow gel, from the iconic Tweezerman brand, is designed to shape and tame brows. I love the sleek silver tube packaging. The formula is designed to prevent flaking or stickiness. It provides long lasting hold so you’ll have perfectly set brows all day long!

2 Jane Iredale “Bitty” Brow Kit

Price: $26.00 at
This lovely looking brow kit is perfect for keeping in your handbag. It contains three brushes, a brow wax, and powder. The powder is water-resistant, which I think is a must. There’s nothing worse than your colour running down your face! This kit is available in blonde or brunette colour combinations.

3 M.a.C Brow Set

Price: $15.00 at
While this looks like a tube of mascara, it’s actually a gel for your eyebrows. This brush-on gel is designed to tame your brows in one slick. Simply apply for perfectly set, natural looking brows. It’s available in several tinted shades as well as a clear version. I personally prefer the clear gel.

4 Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping and Defining Kit

Price: $35.00 at
This kit has everything you need for perfectly groomed eyebrows! It comes with a brow setting wax, brow stencils, highlighters, brow powders, brow pencil, mini tweezers, and mini brushes. The step-by-step illustration guide then shows you how to use each product. This kit is absolutely amazing!

5 Clinique Brow Shaper

Price: $15.00 at
This Clinique brow shaping kit consists of a fine pressed powder and specially designed brush. It comes in four different colours, so you should be able to find a colour that matches. Simply apply the powder to fill in any gaps in your brows. You’ll have soft, defined, natural looking brows in not time.

6 Benefit Cosmetics High Brow

Price: $20.00 at
This pencil is designed to highlight the area under your eyebrows. The formula is soft and easily blends into the skin. The oyster-pink colour will also suit most skin tones. Simply apply this under the arch of your brow for an instant ‘lift’.

7 Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

Price: $20.00 at
These award-winning tweezers are a must for any makeup collection. These tweezers are expertly designed to remove grab every stray hair with precision. They are also available in three colours. You’ll always have perfectly groomed eyebrows with these in your possession.

Do you use any of these products? What are your tips and tricks for well groomed brows?

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