9 Lipsticks I Swear by ...

It's hard to find a good lipstick. I'm forever searching, because I like my lips to look nice. Plus they're pierced, so any attention called to them needs to be good, i.e., not something to the effect of, “Omg look at the horrible lipstick she's wearing.” Of course, it's not all about lipsticks anymore. It's also about glosses and stains and shines. So, those are included in these 9 lipsticks I swear by!

1. CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain

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Price: $7.89 at target.com
This is by far my new favorite. I have three of them, and I love every single one. They stay on your lips a long time, which is awesome, and the colors are gorgeous. They're so easy to put on as well, and you can use them as both a lip liner and a stain. Plus, if you want more color, you just add another coat.

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