7 Amazing Mascaras for Short Eyelashes ...

Ever see someone with naturally long, dark eyelashes and been completely envious? I know I have! Most of us won’t leave home without at least a swipe of mascara on each eye. Having short eyelashes can be so frustrating! These mascaras for short eyelashes will give the illusion that you have naturally long, dark eyelashes without spending money on expensive lash enhancing products! A great mascara is a definite must have for every woman, and these are my favorites!

1. Diorshow Black out Mascara

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Price: $25 at sephora.com
This mascara has such a rich, creamy formula that it instantly lengthens lashes. The large brush helps to add volume to make lashes appear fuller. Make sure you choose Diorshow Black Out Mascara as opposed to just Diorshow Mascara because it has a gorgeous inky, black color that is deeper than that of any other mascara I have tried! It also has a rose perfume scent that is just wonderful!

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