7 Benefits of the Natural Look ...


7 Benefits of the Natural Look ...
7 Benefits of the Natural Look ...

You don't always have to take the time to create perfectly winged eyeliner and apply lipstick, because there are benefits of the natural look. Even if you love what you look like in make-up and enjoy putting it on, there are days when you should go out without it. It doesn't have to be a constant thing, but it shouldn't be something that you're afraid of doing either. Here are some of the biggest benefits of the natural look:

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Save Money

Products are pretty darn expensive, so the less you need, the better. If you don't use your hundred dollar lipstick every single day, then it'll last longer. It's one of the biggest benefits of the natural look, because there are so many other things that you could be spending money on. If you use less make-up, you'll have more money for cute shoes and CDs.


Save Time

Even if you're a pro, it can take a while to get your make-up looking perfect. You don't want any smudges or other mistakes to be visible on your gorgeous face. That's why you'll waste tons of time in front of the mirror when you decide to put on make-up. When you go outside just the way you are, you'll have more time for chores and leisure time.


The natural look has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many women choosing to embrace their natural beauty and forego makeup. Going makeup-free has a variety of benefits, from saving time to boosting confidence. Here are seven reasons why the natural look is the way to go.

  1. Save Time: Even if you’re a pro, it can take a while to get your makeup looking perfect. You don’t want any smudges or other mistakes to be visible on your gorgeous face. That’s why you’ll waste tons of time in front of the mirror when you decide to put on makeup. When you go outside just the way you are, you’ll have more time for chores and leisure time.

  2. Boost Confidence: Wearing makeup can be a confidence booster, but going without makeup can be even more empowering. When you don’t rely on makeup to make you feel beautiful, you’ll be more confident in your natural beauty.

  3. Save Money: Makeup can be expensive, especially high-end products. When you go without makeup, you’ll save money on products, tools, and even makeup removal products.


No Residue

Some products are actually bad for your skin. They may contain harmful chemicals that can dry out your skin or make it oily. If you're not wearing those harmful beauty products, your skin will start to look and feel fresher. Plus, at the end of the night, you won't have to worry about removing all of your make-up.


No Touch Ups

When you wear make-up, you'll want to keep checking yourself in the mirror throughout the day to make sure that it's still looking good. You'll have to stop what you're doing in order to reapply your lipstick or fix the eyeshadow that you smudged. Plus, you can never cry, because your face will end up looking like a mess.


No Distractions

If you wear heavy eye makeup, then everyone will be looking at your pretty peepers. However, if you don't have any makeup on, then they'll have nothing to be distracted by. That means they'll be looking elsewhere, like at your fabulous outfit or new shoes.


See the Truth

When you wear less makeup, you'll realize that no one actually cares about what you look like. Your friends and family will still think that you're gorgeous without your lipstick. Your boyfriend will still love you. You'll still get stares from strangers who think you're attractive. What you put on your face isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be.


More Confidence

The more comfortable you are leaving the house with little to no make-up, the better. You want to love yourself, but if you're always covering up your flaws, you'll become ashamed of them. By walking around naturally, you'll realize how beautiful you are without any help from the beauty department.

Make-up is fun to apply and looks fabulous, but you don't always have to wear it. It's a choice, not a requirement, so do whatever makes you feel happiest with yourself. Do you ever leave the house without much make-up?

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I don't wear makeup either and I agree with melody :)

Very helpful

Less is more!

I have rosacea so going makeup free is out of the question for me because I look like I am perpetually sunburned. That being said however I will go without makeup when I am sticking around at home or just running errands. And when I do wear makeup I try not to be as heavy-handed as I used to be.

All these comments are spot on! You gals go to a lot of effort to look your best either for yourself and or a significant other. My hat is off to you all! IMO a woman is the most beautiful ever created 😉

Every girl is beautiful if she know how to play around with her makeup and stuff natural is the way to go

I wear it if I have lots of time but then I end up with less time.. Then I feel rushed, but I am a makeup Junkie! I just loveNew styles and then hate to use... Very bad habit!

Nice article 😊 I never wear make-up, even on a night out, and I still feel sexy and beautiful because I know it's really me and not some fake face I'm putting on to hide myself from the world.

Less is more!

that's awesome

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