8 Best Beauty Products with Skin Care Benefits ...

By Lisa

8 Best Beauty Products with Skin Care Benefits ...

Some of the best beauty products on the market work doubly hard by offering you the benefits of makeup and skin care. Makeup on its own can be a pretty powerful tool but when you pair it with skin care ingredients, they pack a powerful punch that your skin will love! Keep reading below for eight of the best beauty products with skin care benefits!

1 LUSH Liquid Lipstick

This bubblegum pink lipstick starts off the list of best beauty products. Lush is known for making skin and body care products that have the most amazing fragrances and benefits so I was happy to see that they also made products for the eyes, lips and face. Their liquid lipsticks come in a large range of long-lasting colors and contain a blend of candelilla wax, rose oil and jojoba oil to soften and moisturize your pout!

2 Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Foundation

This long-wearing foundation contains anti-aging ingredients Quercetin and Oak, which are both clinically proven, natural alternatives to retinol. Ladies looking for a more natural approach to fighting the signs of aging will love the smooth and crease-proof formula. This foundation provides medium coverage and also helps blur any fine lines or wrinkles!

3 Tarte Cheek Stain

Another fab beauty product with skin care benefits is this cute little cheek stain! Tarte’s beauty products typically have good-for-you ingredients and their cheek stain is no different. This little product contains tons of skin goodies like T5 Super Fruit Complex, which is filled with vitamins and anti-aging antioxidant-rich nutrients that refine and revive your skin!

4 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This beauty product is one of the most popular concealers in the blogosphere and beyond. Loads of ladies declare their love for this concealer, which not only conceals dark circles; it also reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines! A concentrated formula of goji berry and haloxyl along with 19 amino acids, 8 essential oils and vitamin C join forces to provide anti-inflammatory effects!

5 Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

Clinique has a line of products designed to calm redness and improve the skin’s appearance and their pressed powder takes the cake when it comes to easy redness relief! Use this powder prior to applying tinted moisturizer or foundation and watch it calm any redness or broken capillaries instantly! A blend of caffeine, mushroom, grapefruit peel and magnolia bark makes covering up redness a breeze!

6 Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Powder Matte Finish

Another fab beauty product with skin care benefits is Physicians Formula’s Youth Boosting powder. This pressed powder offers long lasting wear up to 12 hours, acts as a protective shield between your skin and pollution, works to extend the wear of your foundation and claims to help you look 10 years younger! I’m not so sure about this powder taking a decade off of your face but it is a simple way to cover up fine lines!

7 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer

Neutrogena is another beauty brand that makes lots of beauty products with skin care benefits. Their Healthy Skin Blends bronzer contains vitamins A & E and aloe vera to soothe and nourish skin while giving it a healthy glow. I love that this bronzer contains many different shades that you can easily blend together for a multi-dimensional look!

8 AmorePacific Moisture Bound Lip Treatment

AmorePacific’s lip treatment is a sight for sore eyes and lips! If you have rough, dry lips that need some serious TLC, this lip treatment is perfect for you! Additional benefits include boosting circulation in your lips and providing moisture for up to 8 hours. The treatment harnesses the power of green tea seed oil extract, red ginseng and bamboo sap for antioxidant minerals, and amino acids to protect and nourish your pucker!

I love using makeup with added benefits because it’s not only better for you, but you’re also getting more bang for your buck! It’s awesome that you can find a variety of beauty products in drugstores and beauty stores that work hard to benefit your skin. What do you think of these beauty products with skin care benefits? Would you ever try them out?

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