8 Best Beauty Products with Skin Care Benefits ...

Some of the best beauty products on the market work doubly hard by offering you the benefits of makeup and skin care. Makeup on its own can be a pretty powerful tool but when you pair it with skin care ingredients, they pack a powerful punch that your skin will love! Keep reading below for eight of the best beauty products with skin care benefits!

1. LUSH Liquid Lipstick

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This bubblegum pink lipstick starts off the list of best beauty products. Lush is known for making skin and body care products that have the most amazing fragrances and benefits so I was happy to see that they also made products for the eyes, lips and face. Their liquid lipsticks come in a large range of long-lasting colors and contain a blend of candelilla wax, rose oil and jojoba oil to soften and moisturize your pout!

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