11 Best Cream Eyeshadows for Lazy Girls ...

Most of us grew up using those powdery eyeshadows and weren’t even aware of cream eyeshadows out there. Yet, as I grew a bit older, becoming more interested in cosmetics and skin care, I found myself drawn to the appeal that cream eyeshadows had to offer.

Specifically, they offered a shimmery finish instead of a flat, matte one, which I loved for added shine and making my skin glow. And application did not take nearly as long as did the powdery eyeshadow! Bonus!

Check out our list of the best cream eyeshadows that we love, and pick one to try - you'll look amazing with minimal effort and save time on application every single day!

1. Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

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Chanel is a great go-to luxury brand for almost anything, even down to their line of cream eyeshadows. This soft to the touch cream shadow feels like you’re applying a piece of a little silk pillow to your eyes, yet offers intense, beautiful coverage that stays on well, and lasts all day.

It doesn’t rub off and offers flawless results. It is rated one of the best cream eye shadows in many bridal magazines, but is great for the everyday woman as well.

Price: $36.00 at shop.nordstrom.com

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