7 Best Eye Shadow Colors for 2014 ...

Eye shadow colors for 2014 are all about innovation, rich colors, and luscious textures. The new year should serve as a reminder to clean out your old makeup and replenish your collection with some of the new styles and colors. Here are 7 of the best eye shadow colors for 2014.

1. Chanel – Illusion D’Ombre in Diapason

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Chanel’s innovative Illusion D’Ombre collection in Diapason is one of the best eye shadow colors for 2014. Diapason is a shimmering plum with hints of brown that has a soft and gel-like texture. Chanel has formulated this eye shadow to be truly innovative. The cushion-like consistency means this eye shadow can double as eyeliner. Every Illusion D’Ombre purchased includes specifically designed brushes for this one-of-a-kind formula. To purchase Diapason and other colors in the collection, visit chanel.com. These shadows cost $36 each.

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