8 Best Makeup Bags to Glam up Your Beauty Cabinet ...

Some of the best makeup bags are also the ones with the best designs. A stylish makeup bag not only glams up your beauty cabinet but helps keep it organised as well. Keep your cosmetics in your makeup bag at home, and then grab it for when you’re travelling or on the go. There’s a makeup bag for all tastes and budgets, with both designers and chain stores selling a variety of designs. Check out my picks of the best makeup bags, below.

1. Basic Black Makeup Bag

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Black is always ‘in’ so you can’t go wrong with a chic black makeup bag. This makeup bag by Anya Hindmarch has a simple design and features a cute bow with “girlie stuff’ written at the top. It is expensive though, at $175. But just to prove that the best makeup bags don’t have to be expensive, you can get equally stylish and more affordable versions from Topshop and American Apparel.

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