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Blush is Back Here's How Blush Can Make You Look Instantly Gorgeous ...

By Lisa

You know what one beauty product instantly makes you look more awake and really lights up your face? You guessed it-it's blush! Blush looks beautiful on all skin tones and gives off that healthy glow that we all want. If you've shied away from blush in the past, check out these photos of natural, rosy cheeks and you might just become a convert!

1 Proper Blush Placement

eyebrow,face,cheek,lip,nose,Source: LuLu*s How-To: Basic Contour Makeup

2 Soft Pink

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,hairstyle,Source: 10 Lovely Pink Blush Makeup

3 Peach

hair,face,blond,eyebrow,hairstyle,Source: Wedding Makeup Looks - Wedding

4 Rosy Glow

hair,eyebrow,face,forehead,nose,Source: MUSINGS OF A MAKEUP ARTIST

5 Minimal Look

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,hairstyle,Source: New Season, New Rules

6 Natural Glow

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle,Source: Hair Color to Try: Rose

7 Blush to Bring Our Freckles


8 Bridal Glow

bride,woman,person,photography,wedding dress,Source: 18 Absolutely Stunning Wedding Makeup

9 Illuminated Skin


10 Brighten up


11 Neutral Makeup

hair,eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,Source: SugarSocial

12 Coral Cheeks

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,woman,Source: Makeup Shakeup! 5 Pretty Ways

13 Passionate Pink

hair,face,eyebrow,blond,nose,Source: 7 Makeup Tricks For Blue

14 Radiant Rose

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose,Source: LATINA Makeup & Beauty: Latina

15 Soft and Sultry

face,hair,eyebrow,blue,nose,Source: from obscure to demure —

16 Lighten up

eyebrow,color,face,hair,blue,Source: Beauty Hack: 26 Ways to

17 Luminous

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,hairstyle,Source: Bobbi Brown 'Luminous' Moisturizing Treatment

18 Cotton Candy Pink

hair,face,black hair,person,nose,Source: Naya Rivera Attractive Eyelashes Make

19 Deep Rose

hair,face,eyebrow,black hair,nose,Source: loni love. jeannie mai

20 Full Glam

hair,face,blond,hairstyle,supermodel,Source: Rita Ora

21 Soft & Natural

eyebrow,face,hair,nose,cheek,Source: Soft Neutral Makeup Tutorial

22 Fresh & Dewy

hair,eyebrow,face,black hair,nose,Source:

23 Strong Brows and Soft Blush

eyebrow,face,eyelash,cheek,eye,Source: Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

24 Everyday Fresh

hair,human hair color,eyebrow,face,nose,Source: Top 10 “No Makeup” Makeup

25 Get Glowing

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,beauty,Source: Beauty | The Natural Make

27 Naturally Flushed


28 Barely There

eyebrow,face,hair,black hair,cheek,Source: Flattering makeup tips for Asian

29 Subtle

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,cheek,Source: Brow Raisers: A DDG moodboard

30 Flattering Flush

hair,face,eyebrow,person,nose,Source: 10 Best Liquid Foundations

31 Shimmery

eyebrow,face,cheek,hair,nose,Source: Frida Gustavsson Wows in Elle

32 Rosy Blush


33 Contoured

hair,eyebrow,face,person,cheek,Source: Why 6 Of Your Common

Sara I think she's being Anna from the movie Frozen...

34 Blushing Beauty

eyebrow,face,cheek,hair,nose,Source: Top 10 “No Makeup” Makeup
face,eyebrow,hair,pink,nose,Source: Makeup Artist Andy Lee’s Blog

35 Fresh and Natural

hair,clothing,photography,hairstyle,sleeve,Source: A CUP OF JO: Found!

So many amazing ways to wear blush, right? You really can't go wrong! Blush definitely deserves a place in your beauty routine, don't you agree?

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