7 Classic Makeup Looks to Try ...

With all of the different classic makeup looks to try, it can be hard to find the one that'll work for your face and to know which ones to try first! I've scoured everywhere and looked up all of the top and classic makeup looks that are ideal for anyone to try – at least once! Personally, I love the ideal red pout – it's classic, iconic and definitely something to try when you are looking to be bold!

1. Plush, Mega Eyelashes

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This is absolutely one of the most classic makeup looks that you've got to try. Plush, mega eyelashes – almost like Twiggy's! Her eyelashes were so perfect and plush on top and drawn on the bottom. So beautiful and you can do the same thing! Plush is very in right now, give it a try! For me, I use Maybelline's mascara to really get this look!

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