Concealer for Beginners ...

Concealer can be used to cover up dark circles, blemishes and other discolorations on your face. It’s not a difficult makeup product to use. The difficulty is usually in finding a concealer that you love. Here’re some tips to get you started with using concealer.

1. Determine What Your Concealer Needs to Conceal

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Before you head out to go shopping, figure out what you want from your concealer. Are blemishes your main issue? What about dark circles? Different concealers do different things. If you’re trying to conceal different skin issues then you may even need more than one concealer since some are formulated for specific concerns.

2. Decide What Form of Concealer is Right for You

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Concealer comes in many forms. You can get it in liquid, stick, cream and even pencil. A lot of this comes down to personal preference. I usually avoid stick form because it tends to be a little more prone to caking but that’s only my experience. You may have the absolute opposite opinion and that’s okay. It’s all about what works for you.

3. Read up on Concealers You’re considering

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I say this with experience. I’ve learned a lot about concealers and other makeup products by reading up on them before making my purchase. This saves you money and time. While you may not love the current product that’s getting all the buzz, there’s a chance you might. If a product is getting good reviews everywhere you look then it’s probably worth trying.

4. Choose the Correct Shade

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Concealer is not as difficult as foundation is when it comes to choosing a shade. This’s because the range is usually smaller and you’re only using it on small areas of your face. Different brands have different shading systems. Many have a color range as small as fair, light, medium and dark. If a shade doesn’t seem to work for you then exchange it for another.

5. Apply Foundation First

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Concealer works best when it goes on after foundation. In fact, it should immediately follow foundation but be applied before powder. This’s because powder works to set both products. The theory used to be that you should apply concealer before foundation. This thought fell out of fashion when it became obvious that concealer was being rubbed away when foundation was applied on top of it.

6. Experiment with Your Application Technique

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Everyone has their own favorite application technique and with time, you’ll find yours. You can apply concealer with a brush or your finger. You may find that your concealer works best when you do a combination of patting and dabbing rather than rubbing it in. Patting and dabbing seem to work best for me. It’s easy for concealer to be pushed off the blemish or area you’re trying to cover by rubbing so use that technique carefully.

7. Blend Well

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Concealer takes careful blending. One reason for this is because it lies on top of your foundation. Failing to blend will result in calling attention to the area you’re trying to cover up which is exactly what you don’t want. It can be helpful to step back from the mirror to get a different perspective. Changing lighting can show you areas that need to be blended better, too.

These’re some tips to get you started with concealer. Have you had a bad experience with concealer? You’re welcome to share what trips you up when it comes to this product.

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