7. Blend, Blend, and Blend Again

Blend, Blend, and Blend Again

After you're done applying your bronzer and highlighter, you have to blend. After that, blend some more. Seriously, this is really important, otherwise you'll actually look like you've drawn Cs and Es all over your face. Use a clean brush or sponge and blend in light circles. When you apply your powder, that will help blend in everything as well, and give you a flawless finish.

With all of these tips, you can use more or less makeup during each step of the process, depending on how you want to look. With a little bronzer and highlighter, for example, you can still look fresh faced during the day; add a little more, and you're ready for a truly vampy nighttime look. How do you make your contouring and highlighting look natural? If you've got additional tips, we'd love to hear about them!

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