7 Contouring and Highlighting Tips to Bring out Your Best Features ...

With the right contouring and highlighting tips, you can not only create any kind of illusion you want, but you can attract the light better and generally bring out your most ravishing features. You don't have to go all out Kim Kardashian – but you can if you want to, and that's the point. As much or as little as you choose, you can take your makeup skills up another level and make yourself picture ready or feel radiant for any other reason. The great thing about the following contouring and highlighting tips is that you can adapt them easily to make them work for you.

1. Find the Light

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One of the easiest contouring and highlighting tips you'll find is also the most essential: you have to find your light. When you're just hanging out, taking a photo, walking in the sun, or chilling out on the couch – whatever – where does the light hit your face? Every face is different and every facial shape will catch the light differently in certain places, but in general you'll want to pay especially close attention to your T-zone and the bridge of your nose, just over or under your eyebrows, your chin, and under your eyes. These will be the places you focus on highlighting.

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