7 Disney Makeup Transformations That Are Simply Amazing ...


We’ve all grown up with Disney princesses and other memorable characters, but have you seen what Promise Phan does with her Disney makeup transformations? They are absolutely phenomenal! It just might make you want to run out, buy all the products and get to making a Disney masterpiece on your face. The great thing about Promise is that she’s self taught, and shows you how she does it on her YouTube channel! Check out these awesome Disney makeup transformations below.

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Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”

Don’t you just love the story of Aladdin? It’s full of love and adventure, and of course the beautiful Princess Jasmine! While Promise looks nothing like her in real life, her Disney makeup transformations made me do a double take. She's got the skin tone, eyes, nose and makeup of the character down pat. She is seriously talented.



We fell in love with Pocahontas as little girls with her bold, strong personality and of course, her gorgeous looks. Promise captures her look flawlessly, down to the cheekbones, skin tone, long black flowing mane and beautiful costume. I only wish I did my normal makeup as well as her.


Corpse Bride

Wow, was literally the only word that came to mind after seeing this transformation. Not only does she get the shade of morbidly-blue right, but she captures everything else down so accurately. The way she talks about it in the video makes me inspired to try it out, though in the end, I’m probably better off without my clumsy hands messing up my face.


Elsa from “Frozen”

Okay, so it’s safe to say that the whole world is obsessed with Frozen because it highlights a different form of love, (sisterly love) rather than the typical romanticized version of reality. I really like that Promise chose to transform into Elsa as she is just pure awesome. And Promise’s transformation? It’s pure makeup genius.


Rapunzel from “Tangled”

Rapunzel’s tenacity, good heart and big beautiful eyes makes her such a lovable and endearing character. The only feature that might be off are the color of the eyes, but aside from that, Promise captures Rapunzel's essence through her makeup and it turns out quite well I might add.


Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty”

I know I’m excited to see the new movie Maleficent featuring the lovely Angelina Jolie as the infamous villain. Maleficent has such a unique look with the green skin, and smoky purple eyes. So, in the spirit of Angie and the new movie coming out, check out this Maleficent tutorial that Promise totally nails!


Esmerelda from “ the Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Oh, Esmerelda, the forgotten Princess of Disney. While she may be forgotten to some, Promise remembers and captures her exotic look perfectly. She got the little details of the eyes, skin, hair right, everything is spot on. What’s not to love about it?

Disney lives in most of our hearts and Promise gives us the chance to look just like them too. Whether you’re looking to Promise for inspiration or a way to learn how to do a Disney makeup transformation for a holiday or costume party, her YouTube channel,is definitely the place to check! Which transformation do you like most? Would you try any of these out?

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I love jasmine's....sure trying that.

Omg I absolutely love promise!!!! She must be thrilled to have an article about her beautiful make-up transformation!!!

Love it

These are amazing

nicole gueririo did the maleficent look really well!

Elsa definitely my fave! They're all gorgeous

Wow that still of elsa is gorgeous, my fave!

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