7 Drugstore Makeup Products You Should Definitely Pass on ...

There are a lot of drugstore makeup products that are wonderful and offer a lot of bang for your buck, but there are also some you should definitely pass on. I love to use drugstore products when they work for me because it saves me bunches in comparison to buying department store brands. But I have found that there are some drugstore makeup products you should not bring home with you. Let me share my experience to save you the time and trouble of doing it yourself.

1. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

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I have to say that I love CoverGirl mascaras, but the CoverGirl Clump Crusher does not measure up. It is a definite do not buy on the list of drugstore makeup products you should not purchase. Although I love Lash Blast and Flamed Out mascaras, this one is not the same. It doesn’t go on well and it seems like it dries out easily. Stick with the other formulas.

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