Easy Makeup Tutorials That Will Delight Brown-Eyed Girls ...

Brown eyes are lovely and much more common than green eyes. That doesn’t mean you are born knowing how to apply makeup to your brown eyes, but the truth is that knowing the colors and techniques that work best for eye color can go a long way toward helping you look your best. Sometimes learning how to do this is easier when you can follow along with a video. That’s why I’ve gathered these great tutorials for you to use. You’ll be the best looking brown eyed girl in town!

1. Perfect Smokey Eye

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No matter your eye color, knowing how to do a smokey eye will serve you well. It’s a technique that gives your eyes drama, while also opening them up and making you look wide eyed and lovely. Brown makeup against brown eyes has a great effect and this tutorial from Teni Panosian helps you master the look with ease.

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