Easy Makeup Tutorials for Green-Eyed Girls ...

The makeup you choose and the techniques you use can enhance your green eyes, but using the wrong ones won’t do you any good. It’s all well and good to tell you how to do your makeup so that your green eyes really stand out, but it’s even better to show you. When you can follow along with a video, it makes it so much easier to get your makeup just right. So, if you have green eyes, these tutorials will make it easy to always look your best. All the other girls are going to be green with envy.

1. Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

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The smokey eye look is having a moment right now and for good reason. It’s super beautiful and dramatic enough for all of your nighttime fun. This tutorial from Dana Marie, helps you get the look just right with colors and techniques specifically for your green eyes. You are going to love the way you look!

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