7 Eco-Friendly Makeup Products That You Should Try ...

Eco-friendly makeup is becoming more popular and easier to find, which is great because it doesn’t contain ingredients that could be harmful to you or the environment. When you are looking for eco-friendly makeup, one of the best places to go is the Environmental Working Group’s database for cosmetics. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has rated thousands of products and given them a score of zero to ten. Those with a zero are considered the safest and most eco-friendly makeup products. All of the following makeup products have received low ratings, and you can feel good about using any one of them.

1. BareMinerals Eyecolor

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bareMinerals Eyecolor is a great option for eyeshadow if you are looking for eco-friendly makeup. With a rating of three from the EWG, this eyeshadow is much safer than most on the market. In addition to having a low rating from the EWG, bareMinerals Eyecolor is also a great choice for eyeshadow because it can be used wet or dry. This means you can have either opaque of translucent color, making this eyeshadow perfect for both day and evening wear.

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