9 Extravagant Winter Makeup Looks That Will Make You Gasp ...

Winter makeup looks are among my favorites, because you get to be really extravagant. When it's brighter outside, as in summer, or colorful, as in autumn, you kind of have to tone down your look a bit, so nothing is too outlandish. During the grey days of winter, however, you get to compensate with brighter, bolder colors, even with your daytime makeup. If you want to be the brightest thing under the dingy sky, check out these winter makeup looks and pick your favorites!

1. Get a Little Cheeky

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Many of the current winter makeup looks focus on one point of interest. You'll pick a feature to rock and keep everything else kind of tame. If you want to highlight the look of the season, you should make your cheeks your point of interest. Go bold with your blush and make your cheeks rosy. For winter, try a rose shade, or be daring enough to try purple.

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