7 Eye Shadow Color Combinations You Should Try Today ...

Fun eye shadow color combinations are, well, fun! It’s always enjoyable to try out different looks and find something new and totally fabulous. If you always grab the same color palettes, it might be time to give your look an update. There are so many great eye shadow color combinations and you’re going to love giving them all a spin this week. Let me know how it goes!

1. Navy Blue and Gray

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This is one of the easiest eye shadow color combinations to pull off. It gives you a great smoky eye without the aggressive presentation of black. Navy and gray let you go smoky during the day. You’ll look fab without looking too goth. To get this look just right swipe the navy on your lids and use the gray in the creases. Use a light hand if you don’t want to get it too dark, but go ahead and pile it on if you plan to spend the evening in a dark, smoky bar or dance club.

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