8 Fab Eyeliners for Blue Eyes ...

You girls asked for all of the top eyeliners for blue eyes that'll really make them stand out and we answered! Now, I have green eyes, but I have always, always wanted blue eyes. I just think that they are beautiful! If you've been dying to figure out exactly what eyeliners for blue eyes are right for you, but haven't had some time to do the research, take a look at my list below! I cover every color and they will all really make your eyes stand out!

1. Tarte Emphas EYES Inner Rim Brightener

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When it comes to eyeliners for blue eyes, I think that this incredible highlighter eyeliner is ideal for any eye color! This awesome stick will give you that wide-awake effect. It can also be used as a highlighter to your brow bone or can be used along the upper and lower rim!

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