7 Fab Makeup Tricks for Hazel Eyes ...

Hazel eyes are some of the most beautiful eyes out there, but finding the right makeup tips for hazel eyes isn't easy! They constantly change, constantly shift, constantly switch colors and that's hard to keep up with! Well all you hazel-eyed girls out there, I've got your back because I've got the top 8 fab and awesome makeup tips for hazel eyes that really work! So you ready to explore makeup tips for hazel eyes that will bring out the greens, the blues and the browns?

1. Experiment with Colored Eyeliners

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Because hazel eyes are so, so unique and different, one of the makeup tips for hazel eyes that I recommend is playing with all sorts of different colored eyeliners! Blues, greens, blacks and even some violets can all be used and even bring out the colors of your eyes that you want. So experiment a little bit ladies!

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