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8 Fab Tinted Lip Glosses That I Love ...

By Heather

Tinted lip glosses are in this season girls! It's about time that you ditch all of those heavy lipsticks and instead, go with something lighter. Tinted lip glosses are definitely some of my favorite ways to dress up my lips, without weighing them down. If you've been dying to try some tinted lip glosses, but don't know what ones to get, take a look at my list below!

Table of contents:

  1. Dior: sheer pink
  2. Dior addict ultra gloss: light peachy pink shimmer
  3. Sephora collection cream lip stain: shimmering rich hot pink
  4. Philosophy have a cherry christmas high-gloss
  5. Bareminerals: pink nude
  6. Smashbox o-gloss - intuitive lip gloss with goji berry-c complex
  7. Lancome color fever gloss: candied coral
  8. Edward bess wild passion

1 Dior: Sheer Pink

Oh girls, this is by far one of my favorite tinted lip glosses out there. It's so pretty on, so light and it lasts forever! If you've been dying to break away from the lipstick in your life and give a try to something with a bright pop of color, this is the lip gloss for you!

2 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss: Light Peachy Pink Shimmer

This is another Dior lip gloss that I love. It's got some peachy undertones to it, so it really brings out the green in my eyes, but it isn't too orange. If you want light and summery, this is totally the tinted lip gloss for you girls! Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

3 Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain: Shimmering Rich Hot Pink

Another great tinted lip gloss that I love is hot pink, shimmery and it's so light! Just one swipe of this little lip gloss and you'll be able super summery, no matter what the weather is outside! Hot pink is definitely one of my favorite colors and this lip gloss captures it beautifully!

4 Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas High-Gloss

If you want something that is a little darker, this is the color for you! It's a tinted lip gloss that tastes just like cherries and has the color of pink cherries! It's sweet and looks so great on any skin tone! Give it a try girls, you won't regret it!

5 BareMinerals: Pink Nude

If you're looking for a lip gloss that is a little nude but still has some pretty colors to it, this it the tinted lip gloss for you! It's got some mauve pinks to it and it really won't stand out too much – besides the high gloss shine to it! Give it a try girls!

6 Smashbox O-GLOSS - Intuitive Lip Gloss with Goji Berry-C Complex

Smashbox is one of those brands that make not just some of the best lip gloss, but also some of the best makeup out there. If you're looking for a color that not only has some of the highest shine, but also some of the best and beautiful colors, this is it! It's pretty, it's berry, it's shiny!

7 Lancome Color Fever Gloss: Candied Coral

If coral is your color, this tinted lip gloss is for you! It's got some amazing shine and the orange undertones are truly some of the best. If you want a pop of color and truly want something that is going to stand out, this is the lip gloss for you girls! Seriously, it's so bright and perky!

8 Edward Bess Wild Passion

Finally girls, the last tinted lip gloss that we're going to talk about is this beautiful berry lip gloss! This color is so pretty, so natural and it's super shiny! For me, I love everything that Edward Bess does, but the color and shine on this lip gloss? It's unmatched!

So girls, these are just a few of my favorite tinted lip glosses. What about you? Do you have any favorite tinted lip glosses that you have stored away in your makeup bag?

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