9 Fabulous and Fun-Named Products from Benefit Cosmetics ...

Whenever I’m in the mall, I make it a point to check out the latest products from Benefit Cosmetics. Some of my friends use one makeup brand exclusively, but I spread my money around! I love to experiment, and while I have lots of favorites from several different companies, I’ve never found a line that matches the excitement of the products from Benefit Cosmetics.

1. Boi-ing/Eye Bright Compact

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What a great pairing for a small price! Boi-ing is a superior concealer and Eye Bright is the cream version of the best-selling Eye Bright pencil. I much prefer the cream version to the pencil, but it’s a matter of taste. I find the pencil clumps on me and a little blob forms in the corner of my eye. Not exactly the look I am after. As with most products from Benefit Cosmetics, the size is deceiving. There’s quite a lot of product in this little compact.

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