9 Fabulous Style and Beauty Gurus on YouTube ...


9 Fabulous Style and Beauty Gurus on YouTube ...
9 Fabulous Style and Beauty Gurus on YouTube ...

YouTube is one of our greatest resources for a plethora of entertainment and project videos but did you know there are also awesome style and beauty gurus from YouTube? There are so many excellent videos on makeup and hair tutorials, DIY beauty and craft projects and more! There are tons of gurus on YouTube but I’ve made a list of nine of the top style and beauty gurus for you to check out!

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Michelle Phan

You can’t talk about style and beauty gurus from YouTube without mentioning Michelle Phan! Michelle started making YouTube videos in 2006 and has since created tons of fun and fabulous makeup tutorials ranging from gothic doll looks for costume parties to everyday makeup looks for girls who wear glasses. Michelle recently started a new channel called FAWN Inc. which features videos on all things related to beauty and style, check them out!



Dulce Tejeda is another one of the hottest style and beauty gurus from YouTube! Dulce is a veteran, a mommy and wife and a totally girly girl. Leave it to her channel to provide you with tons of information on hair care, makeup, styling clothes and her infamous shopping hauls! This girl can shop and she even has a video tour of her office and closet which are TDF!! Check out this pint-sized cutie for your regular dose of fashion, fun and glam!



MakeupD0LL’s videos have over 13 million views and she’s one of YouTube’s top gurus for product reviews, outfits of the day and colorful and fun makeup looks! She’s not afraid to incorporate bright colors into her makeup tutorials and is just as fearless with fashion. Tune into her channel to see lots of reviews on popular cosmetics and her monthly favorites and pick up some helpful beauty tips!



Tati of GlamLifeGuru is definitely one of my favorite style and beauty gurus from YouTube! Watch her channel to find out her favorite beauty products, her simple secret for soft skin and her personal weight loss story. Tati is one of those people who you watch and feel like you’re talking to an old friend, she’s seems super sweet and real. Keep up with her channel for quick tips on looking and feeling great!



You can’t help but fall in love with Melisa who is another one of YouTube’s top gurus for fashion and beauty. She’s incredible funny, charming and so down-to-earth! Peep her channel for makeup reviews, tutorials, bargain outfits for kids and mommies and shopping hauls. Melisa is a hot mom to an adorable et of twins who can be frequently seen and heard on her videos so tune in to watch her vlogs and entertaining videos!



Robert is one of my recent discoveries and one of the best beauty sources on YouTube! As the name of his channel would suggest, he’s the king of inexpensive and easy skin care recipes, beauty tips and home remedies. Robert is so animated and charming, it’s pure fun watching his informative yet amusing videos! Keep an eye on his channel for great DIY videos on natural skin care treatments and pet care!


Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy has got to be one of the most popular and well-loved style and beauty gurus from YouTube. This chica puts together the chicest outfits and her videos are very well thought out and made. Tune in to her channel for 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4 minutes, how to deal with showing up at an event in the same outfit as someone else and lots of fab clothes!



One of the most creative and innovative style and beauty gurus from YouTube is BeautySplurge AKA Lisa. Lisa has a really fun and flirty sense of fashion and has really helpful videos on creating your own arm candy and jewelry, putting a variety of looks together and ways she organizes her closet and massive makeup collection! I always learn something when I watch Lisa’s videos!



If you enjoy watching videos on makeup application techniques, weight loss and hair styling tutorials then you have to check out Kasey, she’s absolutely one of the best beauty sources YouTube. Kasey created her own line of makeup which she frequently uses in her videos and also has a second channel just for fellow hot mamas who love beauty, StillGlamMom! Check out her channels for meal ideas, makeup tutorials and mom stuff!

These nine gurus are just a sampling of some of the most talented style and beauty gurus from YouTube. If you ever want to replicate a makeup look or feel like channeling a celebrity’s style and need some help, log on and take advantage of this service that has free advice and tips on just about everything! Do you watch any style and beauty gurus from YouTube? Who are you favorites?

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Definitely Jlovesmac1

You forgot the greatest makeup guru Lisa Eldridge!

makeupgeek too!! shes amazing! such a story behind her, inspirational!

Kalelkitten! My fave!

MacBarbie07 makes awesome videos :)

Um how about Bubzbeauty?! You CAN NOT mention Michelle Phan without mentioning Bubz! I love Bubz cuz she's adorable and creative and has the cutest style sense!

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