13 Face Contouring Tips from the Experts That Will Help You Flaunt Your Best Features ...

Formally working in the modeling industry, I was fortunate enough to have learned some pretty fun and unique makeup and hair techniques to help enhance my routine, such as creative and useful face contouring tips. If you’re not familiar with face contouring, don’t be intimidated! This makeup technique used by professionals and everyday women is one of the easiest ways to enhance your already fabulous facial features, and make you stand out above the crowd. It slims your face and creates definition and illumination to create a sleek, sculpted look. Experts know that the best makeup tricks don’t have to be expensive, time consuming, or difficult. One of the most important things about face contouring is the order you apply the products, which I didn’t know before using this special makeup trick. Try using some of these top face contouring tips next time you decide you want to upgrade your makeup routine a little. I promise you’ll not only enhance your facial features, but also get a little confidence boost!

1. Use Concealer First and Use It Liberally

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One of the best face contouring tips I ever learned was that concealer wasn’t just made for underneath my eyes to combat dark circles, but also anywhere on my face that had shadowing. For instance, right under the nose is a great place to apply concealer to hide any redness most of us have. In fact, the best places to put concealer to contour your face are underneath the eyes, between the eyebrows, all over the entire eyelids and down around the nose and underneath the nose towards your mouth. Be sure you spread it out really well and it is best to apply it with your fingers and not the tube itself, so you can pat it on with your finger instead of rubbing it on with the wand. The wand might not spread it out well, and you'll use more product than you need. This trick will highlight these areas around your face before you put on your foundation and create an illuminated effect. This is my number one face contouring tip I use every single day, and I don’t buy pricey concealer either. My absolute favorite concealer product for face contouring is Maybelline’s 24 hour Super Stay concealer, which comes in a handy little wand tube, and I like the cream color best for a neutral color and highlighting effect.

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