7 Fool-Proof Tips for Girls with the Thinnest Eyelashes ...

If only we were all blessed with naturally thick lashes! Long lashes frame your eyes and draw attention to them, so it's a look we all want. If you weren't lucky enough to get long, thick lashes, you need to fake it. But how do you avoid the dreaded spidery lashes? Try these foolproof ways to make your lashes luscious …

1. Look after Your Lashes

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Are you guilty of sometimes forgetting to remove your mascara or eye makeup at night? Yes, me too. This isn't good for the health of your lashes though. Always remove your eye makeup so that your lashes can rest without product on them. You should also be very gentle when removing your eye makeup, as the skin is very thin there and your lashes can easily come loose if you're too rough.

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