10 Fresh Face Mists to Make Sweating More Bearable ...

Finding the best face mist is a must this season! With it being so hot outside, you want to make sure that you can beat the heat yet still keep your face cool! To keep your face cool, I've compiled the top 10 best face mist options that I've used to stop sweating! So ladies, you ready to explore my top 10 best face mist options?

1. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

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Price: $15.00 at amazon.com

Evian facial spray is absolutely one of the best face mists out there! Not only does it moisturize, refresh and tone, but it's also so light! I bring this with me everywhere and as soon as I start to feel a little hot, I spray a little one and it instantly cools me down and hydrates my skin!

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