10 Fresh Face Mists to Make Sweating More Bearable ...

By Heather

10 Fresh Face Mists to Make Sweating More Bearable ...

Finding the best face mist is a must this season! With it being so hot outside, you want to make sure that you can beat the heat yet still keep your face cool! To keep your face cool, I've compiled the top 10 best face mist options that I've used to stop sweating! So ladies, you ready to explore my top 10 best face mist options?

1 Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Price: $15.00 at amazon.com

Evian facial spray is absolutely one of the best face mists out there! Not only does it moisturize, refresh and tone, but it's also so light! I bring this with me everywhere and as soon as I start to feel a little hot, I spray a little one and it instantly cools me down and hydrates my skin!

2 MAC Fix+ Skin Refresher / Finishing Mist

Price: $29.99 at amazon.com

MAC is one of those brands that you can always count on for being incredible and always count on for quality. This energizing, natural and fresh best face mist is ideal for the summer months, when the heat is unbearable and you're constantly sweating! It's also a great mist to finish up your makeup with to ensure that it stays in place!

3 The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Price: $14.66 at amazon.com

Another best face mist that I constantly have in my makeup bag is The Body Shop vitamin E face mist. This mist is ideal to seal in makeup and also will give you instant refreshment, instant moisture and instant protection! It's seriously one of the best face mists that I've ever tried!

4 Philosophy, Hope Springs Eternal, Deep Sea Ultra-Fine Hydrating Mist

Price: $16.00 at amazon.com

I'm always looking for the new and great Philosophy product and when I found this hydrating face mist, I had to try it! Not only did it cool me down, but it also hydrated my skin and made it feel absolutely beautiful – even in 100 degree weather!

5 Treat Soft Candy Refreshing Hair & Face Mist

Price: $12.00 at amazon.com

You wouldn't think that you'd be able to use the same face mist on your face as well as your hair, but this incredible and refreshing face mist can be used all over! It's a sweet mixture that is all natural and will leave your hair and skin smelling sweet and tangy! Try it ladies, this is one of the best face mists I've ever tried!

6 Cucumber Mist - 96% Organic Calming Facial Toner

Price: $19.00 at amazon.com

Cucumber is one of those veggies that I constantly have cut up in my fridge – to keep my eyes from being puffy and to keep my water tasting awesome, but this face mist? It's got cucumber right inside of it and it's all organic! It's got some great calming agents inside of it and it'll keep you cool all summer long, try it!

7 Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist

Price: $9.19 at amazon.com

Neutrogena is another brand that I love and it's easy to find! I've found this particular best face mist at CVS and Walgreens! It's waterproof, sweatproof and it'll instantly cool you down! Give it a try ladies!

8 Avene Thermal Spring Water

Price: $12.00 at amazon.com

Are you looking for a face mist that will not just hydrate, but will also restore your skin's natural balance? This is it! This unique formula will soften and soothe your skin instantly! It'll also ensure that you cool right down in this horrible heat!

9 L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist

Price: $20.28 at amazon.com

Rose water is one of those things that is all natural, but it also helps refresh and rejuvenate skin. That's exactly what this hydrating face mist is all about! It has rose water inside of it to keep your makeup sealed, to keep your skin calm and to keep it hydrated.

10 Ole Henriksen Pick Me up-Face Tonic-7-oz Mist

Price: $21.00 at amazon.com

Finally, the last best face mist that we're going to talk about really helps shrink down those pores of yours! It has vitamin C and chamomile right inside of it! It's more than just a toner ladies!

My top 10 best face mists are all ones that are designed to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful! So ladies, how do you keep your skin cool this summer? Do you have any best face mists that you want to share?

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