From Your Lattes to Your Face: Pumpkin Spice Makeup is Now a Thing!

It seems like the pumpkin spice flavor is synonymous with fall so what better way to celebrate the start of fall than with pumpkin spice themed beauty products?! Even if you’re one of those people who despises PSL and anything having to do with it, we still think you’ll be interested in some of these fall-themed products. I mean, fall makeup shades like browns and burnt oranges look good on just about everyone so there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to some new beauty booty! Right this way to a pumpkin spiced wonderland!

1. Pumpkin Latte Highlighter

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Highlighters are everywhere and honestly, they are so much fun to use that you can’t blame a girl for being a little too enthusiastic about it! Etsy shop FeatherRiverBody sells this pumpkin hued highlighter that will transform your look. If you haven’t tried a colored highlighter yet, don’t let the orange sherbet-y color scare you away, it’s a very soft color that looks fab on lots of skin tones and best of all, it’s five whole dollars!
Available at for $5.

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