7 Fruity Lip Glosses ...

While some people dislike scented cosmetics, I have to admit I have a soft spot for flavoured lip glosses. Fruit-flavoured lip glosses in particular remind me of fun-filled summer days. While some scented lip glosses may seem highly artificial, there are quite a few organic and fruit-infused formulas on the market. Check out a range of fruity lip glosses below.

1. Philosphy β€˜Fresh Peaches with Cream’ Lip Shine

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Price: $10.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
This fruity lip gloss comes in a peaches and cream flavour. It has a high gloss finish and has a hydrating and smoothing formula. This lip gloss also provides a hint of colour. Keep this tucked away in your handbag so you can whip it out for touch ups during the day.

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