8 Fun Lipstick Colors to Make a Statement ...

Typically, when we think of fun lipstick colors we think of bright reds and pinks, but in reality these are generally classic shades of lipstick. Bright reds and pinks can definitely add drama to your look, but if you’d really like to make a statement try out these fun lipstick colors.

1. Lime Crime Lipstick in Chinchilla

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Price: $15.99 at limecrimemakeup.com

Gray lipstick? Sounds a little strange, right? This fun lipstick color actually looks great on everyone! It’s a perfectly neutral shade of gray that is flattering on all skin tones. It’s a great standard, neutral color. I suggest pairing it with bold eye makeup and possibly adding a bit of shiny gloss on top to amp up your look. Heads will definitely turn your way while wearing such a unique shade of lipstick.

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