7 Gorgeous Coral Lip Glosses ...

The hottest trend in lip color this season is more than a color, it’s an attitude! Coral lip gloss is so on-trend, and flatters so many complexions, you’ve just got to try one. But which coral lip gloss to try, and which to skip? I can help. Here’s a sneak peek at the hottest coral lip glosses of the summer… pucker up and let’s go!

1. Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish

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Price: $18.00 at sephora.com
While there’s an entire palette of colors, the “Debbie” hue is my favorite, all coral glossy and shimmery. “Destiny” is also pretty, and seems made for olive complexions… both are sheer and provide a slight plumping effect, and contain vitamins A and E for long-lasting lip hydration.

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