9 Gorgeous Eye Shadow Looks Created with the Must-Have Eyeshadow Palettes of 2017 ...

If you want to update your eye shadow look check out the latest eyeshadow palettes of 2017. It can get tedious wearing the same eye look over and over again, maybe it's time to change your eyeshadow palette.

I absolutely love eyeshadows; they’re a fun and colourful way to add drama to your eyes. I personally like to do my research before splurging out on a new palette. There’s a mixture of textures from matte to metallic and different colours from pastels, nudes, and bold colours. Whatever look you are going for, check out the compilation of eye shadow looks that can be created with these new palettes of 2017.

1. Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral EyeShadow Palette at 4.42

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This is a limited edition eyeshadow palette of 2017 with a total of 30 eye shadows. It contains 7 mattes, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle eye shadows. These are all natural looking shades. Shannon creates a gorgeous soft bronze copper neutral look that you can totally rock for date night.
Price: $59 at sephora.com

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