7 Gorgeous Items from the Catching Fire Makeup Collection ...

I'm so stoked about CoverGirl's Catching Fire makeup collection, aka the Capitol Collection. Mind, I'm a Hunger Games junkie anyway; I loved the books, adored the first movie, can't wait for the second, and now I'm dying to incorporate a little bit of each district into my daytime and nighttime looks. These makeups are gorgeous, and while I'll never be able to do the beauties of District 1 or District 9 any justice, I'm sure, I'm still so excited about these pieces from the Catching Fire makeup collection! There are 12 districts, of course, but these are the individual pieces from my top 7. Make sure you share your top picks, too!

1. District 1: Ink It! by Perfect Point plus in Golden Ink

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District 1, the Luxury District, is probably my favorite Catching Fire makeup collection, because I've got a thing for golds and dark reds. As you can see, there are many primo pieces for this District, but it's the Ink It! eyeliner in Golden Ink that I've got my eye on. Look at the way it brightens the eyes! It's ideal when you want minimal eye makeup that still pops!

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