7 Gorgeous Jewel Tone Lipsticks for Winter ...

Jewel Tone Lipsticks are a great way to make a winter fashion statement through your makeup. Deep jewel tone colors can be hard to find so I’ve made a list of my favorites for you! Pair these lipsticks with rosy cheeks and a sultry cat eye for the perfect winter look. Here are 7 gorgeous jewel tone lipsticks for winter.

1. NARS Semi Matte Scarlet Empress

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Empress is a creamy jewel tone lipstick that is enriched with Vitamin E for long lasting wearability. Its blue-red undertones make it an irresistible match for those who have cool skin tones. Its semi matte finish gives your lips just the right amount of shine and creates a dramatic full-bodied pout. It's one of my very favorite jewel tone lipsticks!

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