9 Gorgeous Lip and Cheek Stains to Brighten up Your Look ...

Lip and cheek stains are probably one of the most underutilized beauty products in the game. That's a shame because they’re incredibly useful, they travel easily and instantly brighten up an otherwise neutral look. Lip and cheek stains leave a beautiful, natural and long lasting wash of color to your cheeks and lips that can’t quite be achieved any other way. If you add one new beauty product to your beauty stash this season, make it one of these phenomenal lip and cheek stains!

1. Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection Lip & Cheek Stain

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Many lip and cheek stains are pricey and made by high end beauty brands, but for the ladies who are new to lip and cheek stains and just want to try it out, this affordable version by Forever 21 fits the bill. Choose from three flirty shades that are guaranteed to light up your beautiful smile and add a splash of long-lasting summery color to your cheeks. Available at Forever21.com for $10.80.

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